Continue to order NMN direct from Renue and receive a 12% discount

You can continue to order Renue By Science NMN and NAD products for delivery to UK & Europe* at a discount!

When buying from the US, the prices will lower but expect customs and VAT import duties to be charged. The price will therefore work out around the same in total.

*Please note: Renue By Science is a separate company from NAD Lab. We have been operating as a distributor of their products. Please also check with Renue for the status of sending to Spain before ordering if you wish to order here. For any customer service queries following your order with them, please get in touch with
We are working hard to make these products available to you from the EU again as soon as possible.

Continue to order NMN products from Renue By Science US with a 12% discount! NR, NAD+ & Optimisers still available to order from NAD Lab EU.