NMN with Resveratrol Liposomal Sublingual Gel (75 servings)

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  • 75 servings per bottle
  • 240 mg NMN + 40 mg Resveratrol per serving (2 pumps)
  • 150 ml bottle
  • Third party tested for purity (over 99%) and safety – see certificates attached
  • cGMP Certified – This product was made in an FDA approved facility
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Non-GMO
  • Suitable for vegans

LSG Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is a novel nanoliposomal nutrient delivery system offering enhanced bio-performance. The concentrated hydrogel absorption technology offers sustained release for prolonged bioavailability and the nanotechnology utilises pharmaceutical grade, organic, non-GMO phospholipids designed to deliver unmetabolised nutrients to cells and tissues.


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NMN with Resveratrol LIPO Gel is designed to deliver the most potent dose of NMN via nanoscale liposomes to increase your body’s NAD+ levels. This optimizes the mitochondrial matrix, repairs DNA and slows down the aging process.

The liposomes protect the NMN from degradation in the harsh environment of the digestive system and deliver it directly to the cells and tissues. The sustained release means very little NMN is degraded to nicotinamide.

This reduces the concern for over-methylation or inhibiting sirtuins, as what happens with taking standard (non-liposomal) capsules. We have also added liposomal resveratrol for its great benefits to the circulatory system and its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.


Benefits May Include

  • Restoration of intracellular NAD+ levels as they were in youth
  • Activation of sirtuins, which are vital to regulating metabolic health, circadian rhythm, detoxification and cellular aging
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep

Our LIPO Gels combine our superior liposomal manufacturing process with fast acting sublingual delivery. Liposomal products are far more bioavailable than traditional NMN and lasts much longer in the body. Couple that with sublingual delivery and you truly take advantage of the best of both worlds.

These Gels are a great option for people who have trouble swallowing pills but want to take advantage of our liposomal products. All it takes is two pumps under the tongue and let it absorb for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.


NAD+ products have very poor bioavailability unless a delivery method is used that can protect the ingredient from digestion. When taken in regular capsules, less than 10% of NMN or NR make it to the bloodstream intact.

To address this problem, in 2016 Alive By Science pioneered Sublingual delivery of NMN, and since then have advanced the industry further with Intranasal, Transdermal, and Liposomal NMN products.

Here we compare each of these, highlighting their unique strengths to help you decide which product is right for you.

* These assessments are relative. For example, ALL our products provide much greater bioavailability than standard capsules (which we do not offer), but we highlight liposomal delivery as it is more bioavailable than sublingual. All forms get a checkmark for “Improved energy” as they are nearly equal.

Convenience/Portability – This is ideal for those who want the ability to take NMN with them throughout the day. Our sublingual tablets, LIPO capsules, and nasal spray are ideal for those who are on the go and who like to take NMN at different intervals throughout the day.

Fast Acting – If fast acting is important to you, then we recommend our sublingual powder, tablets, or nasal spray as they bypass digestion. They can provide rapid absorption and reach systemic circulation for a noticable effect in minutes. So whether it’s before a quick workout or you need to quickly focus on mental tasks, these products can give you a quick boost when you need it most.

Long Lasting – LIPO NMN lasts longer in the body than our other NMN products. Liposomes protect the active ingredients from digestion and release slowly in the bloodstream up to 24 hours.

Fastest Cognitive Effect– The sublingual powder has a very fast effect on physical energy, but the intranasal spray has a much stronger impact on improved cognition (the relief of “brain fog”).

Improved Energy– Sublingual delivery is much faster acting and the energy boost is more quickly noticed, but the most common report from users of all NAD+ boosters is increased energy.

Easiest to Take – Some people have trouble swallowing pills or applying powder under the tongue. For those people, LSG NMN is easier because it comes in an easy to apply liquid gel.

Best Bioavailability – Approximately 30% of NMN taken sublingually gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream, while the rest passes through the GI tract and gets broken down into less effective nicotinamide. However liposomal delivery avoids degradation in the GI tract entirely, meaning far more NMN is delivered to the tissues intact.

Best Cost per Milligram – The NMN product with the best price is our sublingual powder as there is very little added cost for processing. Tablets are next. Manufacturing of Liposomes takes the most time and expensive machinery, so cost the most per Milligram.

Best Overall Value – The best overall value is the product which is best in price combined with best bioavailability. Bioavailability is how much of the product actually makes it to the cells intact. For example, our LIPO capsules cost more per milligram to manufacture, but are 3 to 5 times more bioavailable than sublingual products, so are much more cost effective.

Liposomes are vesicles comprised of phospholipid molecules – the same molecules that comprise cell membranes.

The phospholipid molecule consists of a hydrophilic phosphate head and two hydrophobic fatty acid tails. These features enable liposomes to be the carriers of hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds.

Due to low absorption and bioavailability rates of traditional oral dietary capsules, the encapsulation of hydrophilic and hydrophobic nutrients within liposomes allows the active ingredient to bypass the destructive elements of the gastric system.

To release the protected molecules to a site of action, the lipid bilayer fuses with other bilayers such as the cell membrane, delivering the liposome contents directly into the cells and tissues intact.

Alive By Nature LSG™ (Liposomal Sublingual Gel) – An Innovation in Liposome Science

The pump mechanism is loaded. It may take 7-10 pumps to prime before release. Target the tip of the pump under the tongue. Press down to administer LSG™. Put the cap back on the pump when done.
LSG™ is nanoliposome-encapsulated offering advanced absorption in sustained release sublingual hydrogel technology.

Our liposomes encapsulate NMN and NAD+ into nanometer sized vesicles – between 20-40 nm – to protect it from denaturation.

Our LSG delivery system protects the full functionality of NMN and NAD+.

NMN or NAD+ engulfed in liposomes protects it from degradation, providing its unmetabolized form directly to cells and tissues.

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A Certificate of Analysis is a document issued by Quality Assurance that confirms that a regulated product meets its product specification.

Here we have results obtained from testing made by Delano Labs, Micro Quality Labs, and Summit Nutritional Laboratories performed as part of quality control of an individual batch of a product.

For best results, place two (2) pumps under the tongue twice per day and allow to absorb. May be taken with or without food.

The pump mechanism is loaded. It may take 10-20 pumps to prime before first use. Target the tip of the pump under the tongue. Press down to administer LSG™. Put the cap back on the pump when done.

If swallowed, liposomes do protect the active ingredients from digestion in the stomach, but it is preferable to let the gel absorb under the tongue or elsewhere in the oral cavity as much as possible.

LSG™ NMN is nanoliposome-encapsulated Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, offering advanced absorption in sustained release sublingual hydrogel technology.

Our liposomes encapsulate NMN into nanometer sized vesicles – between 20-40 nm – to protect it from denaturation.

Our LSG delivery system protects the full functionality of NMN.

NMN engulfed in liposomes protects it from degradation, providing its unmetabolized form directly to cells and tissues.

Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

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