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For best results take 1 tablet or 125mg scoop 4 - 8 times per day. If you find it difficult to sleep due to having excess energy, reduce your starting dosage and work up to the suggested use.

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Researchers are using supplementation with NMN, NR and NAD+ to restore levels of NAD+ inside cells throughout the body. The difference comes down to what research has been conducted, the outcomes, and the results of future clinical trials that are either underway or planned that use either. Both NR & NMN are NAD precursors but studies have shown NMN to be more effective at lower doses than NR.
If you are asking about which is more effective NMN or NAD, it really comes down to the research available for the individual compounds. David Sinclair has hinted at different activators activating different Sirtuins so it could be a case in the future that a pill combined with several activators combined would be most effective. We have a number of customer’s currently taking both, however the main research has been focussed on NMN, so I would say that should be a priority. If you join this Facebook group - - there is a lot of interesting feedback from NMN and NAD users. The mild consensus on there is that NMN benefits the body with NAD benefitting the brain. There is also the below article from the Alive By Nature website related to the topic.
There are no studies comparing sublingual and capsules however, the sublingual form of the tablets and powder have been developed so that a proportion of the NAD or NMN is absorbed into the blood stream rather than through the digestive system. As the absorption rate of different molecules delivered through the sublingual route can be 3 to 10 times greater than oral route we have partnered with the leading pharmaceutical sublingual products manufacturer to supply you with the first NMN and NAD+ supplement sublingual powder, tablets, liquid drops and nasal spray that have the ideal characteristics to ensure efficient and rapid uptake.
No one can give a guarantee that increased NAD would have no effect on tumour growth. But, in all studies to date, there has been no increase in frequency or severity of cancer. Humans have “cancer” cells in our bodies constantly, but usually our immune system is able to stop them until we get older. Diminished NAD as we age is a big hinderance to fighting infections and cancer, so there is reason to believe increased NAD will help fight cancer more than it will help cancer cells grow.
Studies and David Sinclair has stated the older you are (the less NAD you have in your body) the more effective NMN supplementation has on your NAD levels. It is safe to take our products at any age, but we would recommend any age over 30.
Yes. All our products are supplied directly from Alive By Science. You are welcome to contact to confirm our authenticity, email: or phone + (1) 800-810-1935.
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